Designed for Community

Woolsey Corner is designed to support community among residents without compromising privacy or security.

  • A shared common unit provides a place for residents to relax, gather together, and host out-of-town guests.  It can also serve as a place to informally share resources (ie. games, books, shared newspaper subscriptions, child care, perhaps a big screen TV for movies…).
  • Kitchens face the central courtyard, making it convenient for residents to keep eyes-on-the-street (and on kids playing in the courtyard) while preparing meals.
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms are located towards the rear of each unit to maximize privacy.
  • Ground level units have no-step entrances so they can be accessible for residents and visitors with disabilities.
  • The central courtyard has a circular pavilion that can serve as a play area and community gathering space.
  • A covered second floor deck atop architecturally dramatic exterior stairs allow residents of the 3-BR units to visit one another without dropping all the way down to ground level.